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Are You Missing Out on Surprising Benefits of a Clean Home?

benefits of a clean home

How important is keeping a clean house? Everyone has a different answer. Some people prioritize cleanliness higher than others. Each person has a different reason for keeping their house clean. Some like how a clean house looks. Others value sanitation and good health. But everyone agrees, there are many benefits of a clean home. 

In fact, there are many benefits of a clean home that most of us are not aware of. When you have a busy or tiring week that leaves you questioning the importance of house cleaning, it’s tempting to let a few things slide. But you might be more motivated to fit in that last chore when you consider these surprising benefits of cleaning. 

A Clutter-free Home Supports Good Mental Health

Have you heard the phrase “clean house, clean mind?” As it turns out, there’s a significant connection between human psychology and our environment. 

Clutter and dirt create chaos. Life is already hard enough. After a long day at work and school, coming home to a messy home just adds to the stress. That stress can trigger anxiety and depression. 

Many studies have shown that the human brain has difficulty processing information and regulating emotions in cluttered environments. The visual stimuli of clutter overwhelm our minds, inhibiting focus and problem-solving. It gives us the feeling that our work never ends.

While the thought of doing chores might seem to perpetuate the stress, tackling a few productive cleaning tasks actually forces your brain to focus on the problem at hand and confront it. You’ll feel better about yourself for accomplishing something, and you’ll have a cleaner home environment to relax in afterward. Establish a habit of cleaning a little bit every day, and soon you won’t be coming home to chaos anymore.

One Healthy Habit Leads to Another

Usually, when you think of cleaning for health, you’re thinking about eliminating the germs and allergens that can make your family sick. But did you know, one of the benefits of a clean home is that it motivates you to adopt other healthy habits? 

We already discussed how a dirty home creates stress. If you live with that kind of pressure, you’re more likely to engage in stress eating, TV binges, and other unhealthy habits. To break the cycle, start with a healthier environment. 

When your home is clean, you are in a better frame of mind and more likely to make healthier food and fitness choices. It’s also easier to cook a healthy meal when your kitchen is clean or to jump on the treadmill when it’s not covered in clutter. If your New Year’s resolution is to reform your poor health habits, add better house cleaning to your list of changes to make.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep in a Clean Room

Think you’ve tried everything to beat that insomnia? Try cleaning your room!

Most insomniacs know that a dark, quiet, cool room is ideal for sleeping, but some studies suggest a clean room helps too. A survey done by the National Sleep Foundation found that people slept better when their bed was made with clean sheets and the room was tidy. Fresh sheets smell and feel better, making you more comfortable, and a clean bedroom creates a peaceful atmosphere that lets your mind rest.

benefits of a clean home

Reduce Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

One of the reasons a clean bedroom supports good sleep may be that a clean room allows you to breathe easier. Bedding, carpet, clothes, curtains, furniture tops, and other bedroom furnishings all collect dust and other allergens that can irritate your sinuses and lungs at night. 

Seasonal allergy sufferers know the torment of allergens. These little particles wreak havoc on the immune system, causing your body to attack them and give you a runny nose, itchy throat, and watery eyes for weeks. But you can fight back with a good house cleaning! 

Cleaning eliminates irritating allergens from your living space and air, giving you the chance to breathe clean in your own home even when that isn’t possible elsewhere. If keeping your whole house immaculate during allergy season is too daunting, focus on keeping your bedroom allergen-free. This will give you a long break each night and help you start each day with a clear respiratory system. 

Keep Out the Creepy Crawlies

No home is impervious to the occasional pest, but regular cleaning goes a long way in preventing infestations. Bugs like dusty nooks and crannies that are rarely disturbed. They and rodents also enjoy the feast of food debris you leave behind when you neglect house cleaning. 

You can keep the critters at bay with regular cleaning. Clean food spills immediately, wipe off cooking and eating surfaces every evening, and vacuum frequently to create a living environment that is pleasant to people but not to pests. Dusting and vacuuming corners, windows, and the edges of rooms also deter bugs looking for a cozy place to hide out. 

Prioritize Cleaning, Prioritize You

Why is it important to have a clean house? Because you are important. Your family’s health and comfort should be your top priorities, and there’s no doubt that the benefits of a clean home promote everyone’s health and well-being. 

Of course, keeping your house clean is easier said than done. Many families understand the benefits of a clean home but just can’t find the time to clean up after themselves. That’s where the professional house cleaning services of Dust to Dazzle Maids come in. 

We understand you’re busy, but you still want a clean home. Dust to Dazzle has given East Texas families all the benefits of a clean home for over 35 years. Our experienced team of cleaning experts cares for your home like it’s their own. We clean and sanitize every surface of your home for your family’s health and comfort. Our clients rate us highly for our reliability and quality work. We’re the best in the business despite our affordable prices

If you need help giving your family all the benefits of a clean home, Dust to Dazzle is the solution. Contact us today for a free house cleaning estimate. We are happy to answer your questions and help you find the cleaning service your home needs.

benefits of a clean home