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Carpet Cleaning Service

Every rug in your home could benefit from a professional carpet cleaning. Let Dust to Dazzle Maids restore your carpet to the soft, fluffy material you once knew and loved.

It’s astonishing how quickly worn-out carpet can become an eyesore. No matter how careful you are, stains still happen. While vacuuming will remove most of the larger debris, it won’t touch embedded stains. However, the cleaning techs at Dust to Dazzle Maids know what it takes to make any carpet look new again.

The Proper Way to Clean a Carpet

Do you notice mysterious dark spots on your carpet and have no idea how to make them disappear for good? While many homeowners try to spot-treat stains and spills as they occur, it’s often too late. Without the proper equipment or the right cleaning solutions, there is a good chance the spots will reappear in a few hours.

That’s why we offer the best carpet cleaning services at Dust to Dazzle Maids. After using a vacuum or carpet broom to remove any big pieces of debris, we begin the painstaking task of treating every remaining stain. This process is time-consuming, but we take our time to do it right.

Shampooing your carpets is our final step. We use heavy-duty machines to wash every fiber—even the toughest stains don’t stand a chance! Our equipment is strong enough to lift every last piece of dirt. This process is fast-drying, so you can walk on it as soon as you return home.

When we finish, your carpet will look as good as the day you first installed it. It’s incredible how much dirt we can get out! Best of all, the chemicals we use leave your rugs feeling soft and cozy to the touch. Clean carpets last longer, and you won’t have to worry about what’s hiding in the pile.

How to Prepare for a Carpet Shampoo

Shampooing a carpet takes a great deal of precision. The machines can’t maneuver under large pieces of furniture, so we recommend that homeowners prepare in advance. Consider relocating your bed or couch to another room for the time being. If you’re unable to move your furniture, we’ll still find a way to work around it. And while we won’t try to lift substantial pieces, we will move anything we can.

Remember to lock up your pets until your carpets finish drying. It’s also wise to keep any children out of the room. Although the solutions we use are safe for humans and pets, too many extra bodies may get in the way. Many of our clients choose to leave until we finish, but we welcome you to stay if you want. All we ask is that you keep off the carpets while they’re still wet.

The Best Time to Schedule a Rug Cleaning Service

Are you trying to clean up for an upcoming birthday party? Want to get your home ready for an open house viewing? At Dust to Dazzle Maids, we can clean your rugs and carpets whenever you please.

While many clients schedule a rug cleaning before a big event, others opt for this service once or twice a year. Regardless of your preference, we make it easy to schedule your next carpet shampooing.

If you already have your regular housekeeping scheduled, we can clean your carpets the same day. Just allow us a few extra hours to ensure we have enough time to get to everything on the list. We also offer rug cleaning as a standalone service.

Give Your Carpets the Royal Treatment

Buying new carpet is a huge investment, so it only makes sense to do everything possible to keep it in great shape. However, even homeowners who meticulously clean their homes can find a few stains hiding in their carpet.

At Dust to Dazzle Maids, we understand the importance of expert carpet care. Shampooing your rugs not only makes them look better instantly, but it will also help extend the life of your carpet. Paying a small price now will save you a lot down the road.

When you invite our trusted pros into your home, you should expect nothing short of perfection. Our cleaning techs pay attention to every detail, from showing up on time to wearing protective foot coverings. We won’t only leave your home cleaner than when we first arrived—we strive to make every room 99.9% germ-free, and your carpets are no exception.