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What’s On Your Fall Cleaning Checklist?

What’s On Your Fall Cleaning Checklist? | Dust to Dazzle House Maid Cleaning Service

Everyone has heard of spring cleaning, but what about the other three seasons? Don’t tell us your Hallsville home only needs to be deep cleaned once a year! 

When the leaves and temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to tackle all of those cleaning tasks you were putting off during summer and break out your fall cleaning checklist. These are the things that freshen up your house six months after spring cleaning and prepare your home for the cooler months of the year.

Don’t have a fall cleaning checklist yet? You can use one of the many found on the internet, or you can create your own using some of our ideas below. We’ve compiled some seasonal cleaning actions and helpful tips to jumpstart your fall cleaning and make the coming season easier. 

Make a Plan

First things first, get organized. Deep cleaning is a big job and not something to attempt without a plan. 

First, identify your goals. Do you want that freshly cleaned feeling for the whole house, or do you want to be ready to entertain holiday guests? Is your house in shambles from summer vacation, or do you want to tackle a special project now that the kids are back in school? Choose your fall cleaning goals and give yourself a schedule to complete them.

Next, decide what tasks are required to accomplish your goals. Are you cleaning, decluttering, organizing, or a combination of these? Make a list of chores that need to be done and in what rooms, so you always know what you need to do. 

Finally, settle on a plan of attack. Some people like to focus on one task at a time while other people target one room at a time. Do what works for you. 

If you’re having trouble envisioning fall cleaning tasks, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Put Away

Good cleaning always begins with putting things away so you can see what messes are left behind. Fall cleaning is the perfect time to put things away that are leftover from the summer, both outside and in. 

Start by putting away outside toys and furniture that can’t endure winter weather. Stash away pool toys, summer sports equipment, camping gear, the grill and accessories, and patio furniture. This is also a good time to push the lawnmower to the back of the shed and move the leaf blower and snowblower to the front. 

Inside, clean up the last remnants of summer vacation. Put away toys, souvenirs, beach paraphernalia, and warm weather clothing. Replace summer decor with autumn decor and pull the holiday decorations closer to the front of the closet. 


While putting away the last traces of summer, you may find some items you simply don’t need. Declutter excess things by donating, recycling, or throwing them away. 

Donate good condition outgrown summer clothes and shoes, toys, reading materials, and gardening supplies. Throw away damaged items and empty or expired bug spray and sunscreen. 

Check the guest room and bathroom. Plan to replace worn-out linens and old toiletries before the holidays. 

Got a lot of boxes laying around from summer online ordering? Recycle them. You can recycle all of those invitations from the summer’s graduation parties, weddings, and pool parties too.


As you work on putting your Hallsville house back in order, don’t overlook the important step of organizing. It’s not enough to just cram everything into closets and drawers. 

Every storage space benefits from organizing from time to time, but for fall cleaning you can focus on areas that matter most for the season. We suggest tackling areas that will make back-to-school and the holidays easier if well-organized. 

Start with the pantry. Dispose of expired food and place school lunch supplies and snacks within easy reach. Note what holiday ingredients you are low on so you can restock.

Move on to the craft supplies. Whether your kids need markers and glue for school projects or you enjoy making homemade gifts for the holidays, get things organized now for smooth sailing later. 

The temperatures might be pleasant now, but it won’t be long before you’re reaching for your coat and mittens! Have them ready for the first snow by organizing your coat closet now. 

Finally, organize your “drop zones.” These are the places where your family drops their things when they come home from work and school. Create designated places for shoes, backpacks, keys, and important papers, so nothing gets lost again!


Finally, with everything out of the way, you can now clean. Using your preferred cleaning methods, focus on eliminating the dirt, dust, debris, residues, stickiness, mold, and bacteria that have appeared since spring cleaning. 

In addition to your usual cleaning tasks, here are some seasonal cleaning ideas to add to your fall cleaning checklist: 

  • Launder summer bedding and switch with winter ones
  • Vacuum and flip mattresses
  • Wash windows inside and out before it gets cold
  • Check and replace weather stripping
  • Schedule professional carpet cleaning while the temperatures are still warm enough to aid drying
  • Change HVAC air filters
  • Clean fireplace and have the chimney inspected
  • Dust ceiling fans and set them to circulate air upwards
  • Deep clean kitchen appliances inside and out for holiday baking
  • Vacuum and dust behind and under appliances and heavy furniture so you don’t have to breathe in those particles all winter
  • Dust lights and replace bulbs for longer nights

Enjoy a Clean House All Season Long

Between the kids being home all summer, trips to the beach, and general summer laziness, your home is ready for a deep clean come fall! With the right fall cleaning checklist and a little elbow grease, you’ll have your Hallsville home spick and span for the season in no time. 

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