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How Can I Keep My Kitchen Clean? (kitchen cleaning guide)

How Can I Keep My Kitchen Clean? | Dust to Dazzle House Cleaning Services

The Tatum,Texas kitchen has always been the center of family life, food and drink, conversation, homework, our days together as family begin and end in this space. While this sounds so magically perfect, the reality is that all of that “family life” happening in the kitchen means crumbs, sticky countertops, full sinks, and grimy cabinets and appliances.

Being in the “hub of the home” also means when your kitchen is a dirty mess, your whole home reflects the same. What can you do to keep the kitchen clean without stress? Here are some pro tips to get you started.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets

If you haven’t done this recently, you’ll be surprised by the amount of greasy dust you’ll find on top and on the surfaces of your cabinets. Grease and moisture attract dust, dirt, and the kitchen smells. Wiping your cabinets with a degreasing cleaner and, if you have wood cabinets, a wood refreshing cleaner on a regular basis will make a huge impact on how your kitchen looks and smells! 

  • Use a warm, soapy rag to wipe down cabinet fronts, being sure to dry to avoid warping and water spots.
  • If you have wood cabinets, be sure to use a solution that is intended for use on wood, like Method Wood For Good or Murphy’s Oil Soap.

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How to clean kitchen appliances 

Appliances both large and small need regular cleaning to look, smell, and operate their best. Depending on the finish of your appliances, you may need a specialized cleaning product for the exterior. 

  • Microwave – Place a bowl of water with a drop of dish soap in the microwave and turn it on for 2 minutes. This steam clean will loosen stuck-on food explosions with ease. 

Wipe the inside down with a damp rag. Wipe the face of the microwave with a damp rag and some all-purpose cleaner. If you have a stainless steel finish, follow up with a product meant to polish and shine stainless.

  • Refrigerator – Take everything out of the refrigerator, throwing away anything expired, unidentifiable, or smelly. Wipe the shelves down with a damp rag and all-purpose cleaner, finish by drying with a paper towel. 

Replace the remaining food and make notes of any essentials that are low. Wipe the top, face, and handle of the refrigerator with an all-purpose cleaner. Same as the microwave, if the finish is stainless steel, use a product intended to clean and shine that finish.

  • Oven – Run a self-cleaning cycle if you have it, if not, assess if the oven needs to be cleaned. Wipe the racks down with a soapy rag or let them soak in the sink for a while if needed (If they are extra gross, you may want to take them outside and spray with oven cleaner. Put them in a trash bag overnight and rinse the next day.) 

Wipe any remaining gunk from the bottom of the oven. 

How to clean granite countertops

Your kitchen countertops are probably the largest flat surface in your home, aside from the floors. Keeping them clutter-free and clean is a challenge, however, when you do, the rest of the house seems to follow. 

  • Tackle clutter before going to bed each day. Put dishes in the dishwasher, toys, homework, art projects, and leftover food away before going to bed.
  • Use a cleaning product designed for your type of countertop surface. Cleaning granite countertops takes a different approach than cleaning composite/Corian or laminate.
  • Make a quick swipe of the countertops after every meal. You’d be surprised what kind of elbow grease-needing sticky messes can be avoided by a quick wipe!

How to clean glass stovetop

Whether it is smooth glass or higher maintenance gas with burners, your stovetop and knobs need regular cleaning. Even the smallest boil over or grease splatter can end up a caked-on nasty mess, so knowing how to clean these surfaces efficiently is key:

  • Use a cleaner specifically designed for glass cooktops. Extra burnt on food may need to be scraped off with a razor blade.
  • For gas stoves, remove the grates and burner covers and let them soak in hot soapy water. Use a degreaser to wipe down the burner plate area. If you have stainless steel, use rubbing alcohol to polish for a streak-free finish. Scrub the grates and burner covers as needed and replace.
  • Remove knobs and clean underneath (how does all of that stuff get there, anyhow?), wipe knobs and replace.

Quick kitchen cleaning tips

Cleaning the kitchen can feel like a multi-day, marathon of soapy rags, greasy yuck, and crumbs. Here are some pro tips from Dust To Dazzle in Tatum, TX for a quicker kitchen cleanup:

  • Clear the Clutter – Having piles of papers, craft supplies, and even rarely use appliances can really slow down a cleanup. Take a few minutes every day to pick up so the clutter doesn’t build. Reconsider the small appliances on your countertops, if you don’t use them more than once a week, see if you can’t find a place to store them away. 
  • Start at the Top – Working your way from the top down will speed up your cleaning process. As you dust and wipe your way from cabinets to floor, you aren’t worried about getting crumbs, dust, and dirt on the surface below, because you’ll be cleaning it next. 

When doing a deep clean, start with the light fixtures, walls, and cabinets, then work your way down.

  • Do the super grimy items first – Start with a sinkful of hot soapy water and soak extra gross items while you work on the rest. Put the bowl of water in the microwave to run while you do other tasks. Don’t get hung up scrubbing things that may come off easily 20 minutes later after a good soak!

Keeping your kitchen clean is really essential for keeping the rest of your home clean and feeling fresh. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the idea, or simply would rather spend that precious time with your family, then you should consider hiring a qualified and well-reviewed cleaning service. Call on Dust To Dazzle Maids. We will answer any questions you may have ahead of time, and provide you with an instant, no obligation quote.