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Top 7 Safe Household Cleaners You Don’t Have In Your Cabinet

Green Eco - 7 Safe Household Cleaners | Dust to Dazzle House Cleaning Services

Whether you have a new baby at home, you’re worried about the health of your kids and pets, or you are just making a conscious effort to use products that don’t jeopardize your health or the environment, chances are, you are thinking about which products you need to keep stocked in your cabinet.

Green cleaning products can help you keep your home clean naturally, without harmful chemical residue that can have long-term effects for you, your children, and your pets. Many mainstream cleaning product manufacturers are switching to safer ingredients, but the truth is, there are many cleaners still out there that can damage our wellbeing, and hurt our environment here in DeBerry. So which safe household cleaning products should you add to your arsenal of cleaning supplies?

1. Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner

If you’re cleaning countertops, mirrors, windows, or just about any other hard surface in your home, chances are you’ve used some kind of cleaner before which contains ammonia, or other harsh chemicals. This means that you’ve been spreading these chemicals all over your counters, and spraying them into the air. 

The problem with these chemicals? Exposure to ammonia, found in many of these sprays, can cause skin and eye irritation when it comes in contact with your skin, and inhalation can lead to burning of the throat, nose, and respiratory system. And don’t even get us started on the harm that can come from ingesting these nasty chemicals.

The best alternative we’ve found has to be Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner. You can use it to wipe down every hard surface in your home, including wood floors and faux-stone surfaces. And the best part? It’s derived from plants, so it won’t have any of the harmful effects that ammonia-based cleaners can cause.

With 11 fresh scents available, you can find a scent that will make your home smell and look its very best. And check out their glass cleaner too for a streak-free shine on your mirrors and windows!

2. Better Life Surface Cleaner

Another great cleaning line, free from harmful chemicals that you don’t want to spread around the hard surfaces of your home is Better Life’s line of surface cleaners. With glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, and a kitchen and bath formula, there’s a product in Better Life’s line to handle almost every part of your home.

What makes Better Life so great? The natural ingredients in their safe household cleaners are free from dyes, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and petroleum-based cleaning agents. Better Life also features eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging, made using solar energy, so you can feel just as great about how their products will impact the environment as you do about how they will impact your home.

3. Seventh Generation Bathroom Disinfectant

When you are cleaning a bathroom, you want to trust that your cleaner is killing germs that land on every surface of the room, and you want to choose a product that’s safe for your family, too. Especially during flu season, you want to know that your safe household cleaner can also tackle nasty bacteria and viruses, and Seventh Generation is the product to do that.

Seventh Generation products like their bathroom disinfectant clean without overwhelming you with chemicals, or burning your hands or nose. The ingredients are published right on the package, and are sustainably sourced from plants, using recycled packaging. It’s a cleaner you can feel good about using because it takes care of your home, your family, and the environment.

4. Dapple Toy and High Chair Cleaning Spray

Baby-safe household cleaners are worth their weight in gold. Having a convenient cleaner handy that is effective and safe for your baby is not only a major timesaver, but it provides you with peace of mind, too.

Dapple’s toy and high chair cleaning spray is great to use not only on a high chair tray or on toys that might end up in little mouths, but anywhere your baby might be spending time, too. Get rid of stubborn, caked-on leftovers, without any of the artificial, harmful things you don’t want around your baby.

5. Auntie Fanny’s Cleaning Vinegar Wipes

It’s true: You can use vinegar to clean and disinfect almost anything. It’s affordable and non-toxic, and even your stainless steel will shine after a wipe-down with vinegar. In terms of safe household cleaners that get the job done? Vinegar is king.

But vinegar isn’t always handy. You have to mix your own solution in a spray bottle. And until it fully evaporates? It might leave your house smelling like salad dressing. 

Enter Auntie Fanny’s Cleaning Vinegar Wipes, which are so convenient and easy to use. They’re non-toxic, and they come in amazing scents to avoid that vinegar smell hanging in the air. You won’t want to use these wipes (or vinegar) on natural stone surfaces, wood floors or furniture, or when cleaning up eggs,  but you can use it for just about anything else to get a sparkling shine, every time.

If you’re searching for pet-safe household cleaners, you can’t beat the cleaning power and safety of vinegar, so if you’ve got a few muddy pawprints on your floor, they’ll be gone in a flash with these cleaning wipes.

6. Pet Simplicity WhizzAway Pet Stain & Odor Remover

If your dog or cat has an accident, WhizzAway is a green spray solution that’s safe to use around your pet, and is safe for the environment as well.

It cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes stains so you don’t have to worry about how your home might look or smell after an accident, and you also won’t have to worry about how it might harm your pet. 

WhizzAway is an enzyme-based cleaner that breaks down urine smells on both hard floors and carpets. It’s a pet-safe stain remover that will keep your home looking its best.

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7. Bean & Lily Floor Cleaner

When your baby starts crawling, or when you’ve got pets wandering around, close to the floor, it makes you worry about the safety of your floor cleaner. Is it non-toxic? Does it contain harsh chemicals? Is it actually sanitizing the floor so my baby and my pets are safe?

So when you are looking for pet-safe household cleaners and baby-safe household cleaners, what should you use on your floors?

Bean & Lily’s floor cleaner is safe for pets and kids, is pH neutral, and is never tested on animals. With no alcohol, dyes, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, formaldehyde, or other harmful chemicals, you can feel good about using this product to give your hard floors a good shine. They focus on creating products that not only work, but they protect people, pets, and the planet too.

Check Out Some Other Safe Household Cleaners, Too

Have a question about how safe your cleaning products are? Before you start frantically scouring the web with searches like, “How to know if my household cleaners are safe,” check out this handy reference page, which outlines all the ingredients found in each product, and how it might affect you. 

Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning will help you find the right cleaner to cut through grime in your bathroom, kitchen, or on your floors without the risk of cancer, asthma, or skin allergies, and choose a cleaner that’s healthy for the environment as well. Many of these products you can find right in the store here in DeBerry, so you can take home green, healthy products and start using them today.

Another way to remove the worry about which household cleaners are safe? Let us do it for you! At Dust to Dazzle, we pride ourselves in using only green cleaning products we would use in our own homes. We’ve been providing clean homes using non-toxic cleaning products in the DeBerry area since 1982. 

So why hire us? Because we care about you and your family. We also know the difference that green cleaning products, happy employees, and clean homes can make. And our clients can truly tell the difference. Ready to see the Dust to Dazzle difference for yourself? Request a quote today!