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What Should You Look for When Hiring a House Cleaning Service?

What Should You Look for When Hiring a House Maid Cleaning Service? | Dust to Dazzle House Cleaning Maids Service

Hiring a house cleaning service in Jefferson isn’t like hiring other home services. Unlike other service providers, your house cleaners will visit frequently and probably be in your home when you aren’t there. You need to know you can trust them with your property and that they will provide consistently reliable service. You don’t want to hire someone who misses appointments, skips tasks, or leaves your door unlocked when they leave. 

Every house cleaner will say their services are the best, but how can you know their claims are true? To find a quality house cleaner, you will need to research and interview multiple companies to learn more about their qualifications and practices. 

You also need to know what answers are the right answers that let you know a cleaner is what you’re looking for. Here are some things you should look for when hiring a house cleaning service. 

They Invest in Their Employees

A company’s services are only as good as the people performing them. House cleaners who invest in their employees and treat them well provide a better level of service than those who don’t. Look for a cleaning company that provides extensive training, including safety training, for employees and offers them benefits and incentives to stay. These employees will be more likely to be seasoned professionals who are well-equipped to do a quality job for you.

Employee turnover is very high in the cleaning industry which means employers lose a lot of time and money on a continuous cycle of hiring and training. Most will pass on those costs to their clients with higher fees. 

Ask about a cleaner’s employee turnover rate and how long their employees have been with them. Long-time employees will have the experience to give you better service without requiring exorbitant fees. 

They Protect Your Property

It’s every homeowner’s fear that someone they invite onto their property has hidden ulterior motives. Put your fears to rest by asking about employee background checks. Any reputable cleaning company will perform thorough criminal background checks during the hiring process because they know that’s a valid concern for homeowners. 

A good house cleaner will also have a policy in place to protect and replace your property in the event of an accident or crime. Before hiring house cleaning services, ask how they handle broken belongings or damage to your home. They should have procedures for notifying the homeowner of an accident and for replacing missing or destroyed objects promptly. 

If you plan on providing a key, garage opener, or access code to your cleaner, ask how they keep it safe. Best practices dictate that these be locked in the office when not in use and should never have your address attached to them. The safety of your Jefferson home should be a top priority for any cleaning service, so don’t hesitate to ask about their security practices.

They Protect You

Did you know that you could be liable for on-the-job injuries that occur in your home? To prevent this kind of headache, only hire a cleaning company that keeps its employees insured and bonded. 

That way you aren’t responsible for someone else’s mishap and you know the company cares about both its employees and clients. Be sure to ask if they carry worker’s compensation insurance too. 

They Have Quality Measures in Place

Anyone can clean your home, but will they do it well? You need to know that the cleaning you pay for is worth your while. You also want consistent cleaning. It is frustrating to come home to a beautifully sparkling home one week and then find a subpar job the next. 

When hiring house cleaning services, ask how they ensure you get a great cleaning every time. The answer might vary, but many companies rely on continual training, supervisor quality checks, checklists, and customer feedback surveys. Only hire a service who is willing to satisfactorily explain their methods of quality control. 

They Provide a Satisfaction Guarantee

One aspect of quality control every professional home cleaner should offer is a customer satisfaction guarantee. This ensures that if you do find an issue with their work, there is a policy in place for correcting it. 

Most companies offer to re-clean the problem area free of charge if you notify them of it within 24 hours. Mistakes happen, and companies should be willing to accept responsibility and rectify the situation. Make sure any house cleaner you consider is upfront about their guarantee.

Their Services Are Customizable

You might think that cleaning is cleaning, but every household is different and your expectations and needs probably differ from those of other Jefferson homeowners. To get the right cleaning job for your house, ask prospective cleaners how flexible their house cleaning services are. 

Many companies have preset cleaning plans or packages of specific tasks they perform, but most are happy to tweak those plans to keep clients happy. When speaking with cleaning services, ask what their standard cleaning plans include and what add-on tasks are offered and if they can take special requests. You don’t want to schedule cleaning only to find out it doesn’t cover what you need to be done!

This kind of flexibility is also important when it comes to price. Most professional cleaners provide individual quotes that factor in what tasks you request and the size of your home. The more flexible they are in their services, the more likely it is you can find a rate you can afford. 

Hire a House Cleaning Service that Has All the Right Answers

When you are hiring house cleaning services, you want a cleaning company that will deliver high-quality, dependable service. You need to know your home will be safe in their hands and that they will give you your money’s worth. 

That’s why it’s important to look for a cleaner who operates their business in a way that puts your needs first and will give you honest, helpful answers to your questions about their services. That should always be the foundation of the client-cleaner relationship—trust and good customer service. 

If you’re looking for a local Jefferson house cleaning service who is known for this kind of customer relationship, Dust to Dazzle Maids is the solution! We have a superb track record of high employee retention that results in exceptional cleaning at low rates for our clients. No one provides a better custom cleaning experience than our technicians. Put us to the test by requesting a quote today for your Jefferson home and find out why we’re your area’s premier house cleaning service!

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