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Should You Hire a House Cleaning Service or an Independent Cleaner?

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It’s a delight to come home from a busy day and walk into a freshly clean house. You can put your feet up and not worry about finding time to vacuum or scrub the toilet that night. It’s already been done for you! This is just one of the perks of hiring a house cleaner. 

But do you have the right person cleaning for you? If you use an independent cleaner, you might be missing out on some valuable benefits that only a professional house cleaning company can provide. You might think cleaning is cleaning, but not all independent house cleaners have the training, insurance, or professionalism that a house cleaning company has. When problems arise, will you be protected or left in the lurch? 

If you have an independent cleaner working for you, or you’re looking to hire someone to clean your house and haven’t made a decision yet, consider these benefits of a professional house cleaning service that an individual usually can’t provide. 

Quality and Accountability

One of the main benefits of hiring a house cleaner is that they not only do the work for you but do it better than you would. But how do you know an independent cleaner can live up to those expectations? Sure, if they aren’t up to snuff, you can always fire them. But it’s easier to hire someone you can rely on from the start.

Professional house cleaning service companies are much more dependable when it comes to quality and accountability. They invest in extensive cleaning training so that all of their employees are experts, and they will weed out anyone who doesn’t meet their standards. Many even train their employees in other job skills, such as navigation to find clients’ homes and how to enter a home without compromising security.

House cleaning companies also put quality checks in place to ensure their employees fulfill their promises of quality cleaning. They may use cleaning checklists, peer checks, and periodic checks from management. Reputable house cleaning services also offer a customer satisfaction guarantee that allows you to report any errors and get them fixed quickly free of charge. 

Finally, a house cleaning company usually has administrative support to handle issues with scheduling, payments, and more. This support is always available during business hours, so you never have to play phone tag with someone or wonder if they’re avoiding your calls. 

Better Availability

When you hire an independent cleaner, you are at the mercy of their schedule. If they get sick, have an emergency, or want time off, you have to scramble to reschedule or miss a cleaning. And what if they suddenly quit?

This is rarely an issue with a house cleaning service. Cleaning companies employ teams of cleaners, so there’s always backup when someone calls off. While most house cleaning services try to send the same team to your home each time, there’s always a substitute available so that they never let you down. 

House cleaning companies can also offer more flexible scheduling since they have several employees to send. An independent cleaner can only be in one place at one time. If they are already scheduled at the time you want, tough luck. But a house cleaning company with numerous cleaners can clean multiple houses during the same desirable time slot.

Faster Work

Speaking of teams, it is said that many hands make light work. Most house cleaning services send at least two cleaners to your home so that they can complete the work faster. This means you have someone in your home for less time, and it’s easier to fit their work into your schedule whether you prefer that they finish before you come home or work while you’re there. Most independent house cleaners work alone and will take at least twice as long to finish.

Insurance Coverage

One of the biggest oversights in hiring a house cleaner is neglecting to ask about insurance. If your cleaner doesn’t carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance, you become liable for injuries sustained on your property. Almost every house cleaning company is insured and bonded for the protection of their clients. Very few independent house cleaners are. 

Your cleaner should also have insurance to cover property damage. Accidents happen, and the most reputable house cleaning companies gladly insure their employees for their clients’ protection. Unfortunately, most independent house cleaners can’t afford this insurance or don’t bother with it. 

house cleaning service

Employee Screening

When you hire someone to clean your home, how do you know you can trust them? Many homeowners find trustworthy, independent house cleaners through word of mouth and have positive experiences, but without formal screening, you could be putting your home and personal safety at risk. 

Hiring a house cleaning company mostly eliminates this risk because most perform background checks before even hiring employees. They don’t want to be liable for a crime, so they are cautious in who they hire and send to your home. 

Much of hiring a house cleaning service comes down to trust. You deserve to trust your cleaner to do quality work, be reliable, and protect your best interests. While there are many skilled, honest independent house cleaners out there, it can be challenging to find them. When you hire a house cleaning service, getting the dependable, expert cleaning you desire is much easier. And isn’t delegating your house cleaning all about keeping things simple?

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