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Are Your Professional House Cleaners Properly Trained?

Are Your Professional House Cleaners Properly Trained? | Dust to Dazzle House Maid Cleaning Services

When you hire professional house cleaners, you expect them to know what they’re doing. They’re the professionals, after all. So what happens if your professional house cleaners are pros in name only? 

All too often, homeowners hire a cleaning service based on false promises only to find that the actual cleaners have had very little job training. You end up paying for subpar work, and your home may even sustain damage at the hands of amateurs. 

So how can you know if the professional cleaning services you engage train their staff and send real cleaning experts to your home? And what’s the risk when you hire cleaners who don’t know what they’re doingHere are some telltale signs that you have trained professional house cleaners (or not) and what’s at stake when you let untrained cleaners into your home. 

Do They Know the Difference Between Cleaning vs. Hygiene?

When you hire professional house cleaners to clean your home, you’re asking them to do two jobs: clean and sanitize. There is a difference between the two! 

Cleaning removes dirt, dust, crumbs, residues and other visible messes from your home. Hygiene and sanitation eliminate invisible germs and other potentially dangerous pathogens. 

Too many untrained house cleaners do not know the difference between cleanliness and hygiene. They clean up visible dirt and debris but do not sanitize surfaces, putting your health at risk. 

Untrained house cleaners also may spread germs through cross-contamination. For instance, they might use the same cleaning supplies in the kitchen or living room after using them in the bathroom. Gross!

When you hire professional cleaning services, ask them what sanitation methods they use and how their crew prevents cross-contamination. They should be able to tell you what kinds of disinfectant solutions they use and what practices they have in place to prevent cross-contamination, such as using color-coded supplies for each part of the house. 

Do They Clean Efficiently?

Reputable professional cleaning services teach their employees the best ways to clean quickly and effectively. Even if you are not a cleaning pro, you should be able to notice the small differences between a real cleaning pro and an amateur. It might help to be home during an appointment or two to observe how efficiently your professional house cleaners work.

Do they avoid backtracking? Do they use one hand to spray and another to wipe? Do they clean from top to bottom? Do they soak tough messes for easier scrubbing? These small things and more indicate a master cleaner. 

You also should note their tools and technology. A company that invests in time-saving tools and tech most likely invests in proper employee training too. 

Can They Read a Safety Data Sheet?

What products to professional house cleaners use? An essential part of household cleaning is using the right chemicals—and safely. A Safety Data Sheet helps professional cleaners understand the hazards of different chemicals they may be using. 

Professional house cleaning companies should provide training on reading and understanding SDS sheets for the safety of both employees and clients. 

Before you hire housecleaners, ask if they use SDS sheets in training and on the job. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you suspect they are incorrectly using or mixing chemicals in your home.

Do They Know How to Prevent Injuries?

Cleaning is a hands-on job with many risks for injury. Proper house cleaning training involves instruction in how to reduce these risks, such as wearing appropriate work attire, lifting things safely, using equipment correctly, navigating heights and performing basic first aid.

While this training is more for the cleaner’s safety, knowing they received the training is a good indication that a cleaning company invests in staff training. You can ask if all employees receive safety training and watch for signs that your cleaners are using it. 

Another good question to ask: Are staff members insured and bonded? If not, you could be held liable for injuries suffered on your property. Never hire professional cleaning services that are not insured and bonded!

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What Can Happen If Your Professional House Cleaners Aren’t Trained

You might think that untrained cleaners will simply leave a bit of dust behind, but they can cause real damage in your home

For one, they might clean wrong. They might mar household surfaces with the wrong chemicals or equipment or use a dangerous combination of chemicals that creates hazardous fumes. They might leave behind or spread illness-causing bacteria. 

Inadequate cleaning isn’t the only risk. Untrained cleaners might rush to complete a job and knock over or drop something. Trained cleaners will survey your home for fragile items that should be avoided and might even have policies against cleaning areas that contain valuables for everyone’s peace of mind. 

If they do break something, a trained housecleaner carries insurance to cover damages and has procedures in place to notify you of the accident and replace the item. Poorly trained house cleaners are less likely to take responsibility for accidents. 

Finally, untrained housecleaners are a security risk. They should be trained to use your key, keypad or other devices to safely enter and lock up your home. Untrained cleaners are more likely to lose devices or forget to lock up after they leave, putting your property at risk.

Don’t Risk It

Professional house cleaning services should make your life easier, not more inconvenient or dangerous. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what untrained professional housecleaners do when they fail to clean your home correctly and leave your household at risk for things like property damage and illness. 

Always ask about your cleaning team’s training when you hire a service. They should know how to clean correctly and safely and how to treat your property with respect. Don’t put your home in the hands of inexperienced staff who will cause you harm. You and your family deserve better. 

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