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Top 7 Ways to Identify a Bad House Cleaning Service

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In your search for a reliable, professional home cleaning service, it’s crucial to understand what separates the best cleaning company from an unacceptable house cleaner. Being able to identify a bad cleaning company will help you avoid making a costly mistake that leaves you with unsatisfactory results. Ready to hire the most reliable & well-trained house cleaning service near you? Keep reading for the top 7 ways to identify a bad house cleaning service. Now you’ll know what you need to make the best choice for your home

The seven ways to identify a bad cleaning company are:

#1: Lack of House Cleaner Training

When a maid cleaning service does not properly train their employees, you will get inconsistent results from cleaning to cleaning. Whether it’s a cleaning lady who misses essential tasks that are important to you or a house maid who doesn’t utilize the proper cleaning techniques, tools, and solutions, the results leave you disappointed and wondering if you are better off doing it yourself.

Without professional training, the maid service might even use the wrong chemical or cleaning solution near food preparation spaces or kids’ areas. This is more than just disappointing; it’s dangerous.

Ask any cleaning company you consider hiring about the training they provide for each house cleaner. If they cannot give you details about their training process, keep looking. You deserve a home cleaning service with in-depth knowledge and training that can hit the ground running to give you an immaculate home, top to bottom.

#2: High Employee Turnover Rate

A common problem with house cleaning services is a high employee turnover rate. Some companies struggle to keep employees for more than a few months at a time. As a result, you’ll see a different house cleaner that you have to get to know all over again, rather than one who knows what you want and understands your special requests and house cleaning goals. Not to mention it’s risky and awkward to have a new person in your home each time you schedule house cleaning services.

Cleaning companies with high turnover rates also tend to have employees with low morale. They may not be happy with their jobs and express their dissatisfaction on the job, which leads to an unpleasant overall experience for both you and the maid.

Before you hire a cleaning company, ask them about their employee retention. Find out whether you can expect the same cleaning lady each time. Plus, ask what the company does to ensure employee satisfaction and retention.

#3: Lack of Employee Background Checks

It’s safe to say that you don’t want just any house cleaner stepping foot into your home. The issue is that it’s not easy for a cleaning company to find great cleaning professionals, so it’s tempting for them to bring in warm bodies to do the work without a background check. This unfortunate practice puts you and your household at risk. You need to be able to trust without a doubt that any domestic cleaning professional who enters your home is trustworthy.

To protect your home and family, look for a cleaning company that conducts thorough background checks and screenings on each and every person they hire. A reputable home cleaning service will always perform background checks to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

#4: Lack of Home Cleaning Service Policies

Without policies for refunds, cancellations, rescheduling, and a satisfaction guarantee, you can’t be sure a cleaning company will make it right when there is a problem. Unfortunately, some home cleaning services are only in the business to make fast money and aren’t concerned about building trust with customers.

To protect your investment, ask about company policies before you hire a cleaning service. They should have procedures in place to give you confidence, not excuses and apologies when things go wrong.

#5: Lack of Insurance for House Cleaning Services

What happens if the cleaning lady gets injured while deep cleaning? Or what if something happens during the cleaning services that causes property damage, such as a leaking faucet or a broken lamp? A home cleaning service without insurance is a recipe for disaster. You need to know the cleaning company you hire will have the proper insurance to cover any accidents or damages that happen while they are in your home.

It’s crucial to ensure the cleaning service you choose has the insurance necessary to take full responsibility instead of making it your problem to handle. A reputable house cleaning service will have insurance and supply proof of coverage at your request.

#6: Lack of Quality Control During Home Cleaning Service

When you hire a professional cleaning service, you expect a professional job, whether for post-construction cleaning, carpet cleaning, or grout cleaning. Too many cleaning companies give the bare minimum effort without a quality control checklist or system in place. You need a home cleaning service that keeps the perfect final result and your overall customer experience in mind from start to finish.

Look for a cleaning company that utilizes a comprehensive quality control checklist, including a list of your special cleaning requests, so they check all the boxes each and every cleaning. You should be able to trust you will get the same high-quality cleaning service each time the house cleaner comes to your home.

#7: Lack of Cleaning Company Culture

It’s a good idea to get a sense of the cleaning company culture before you schedule the first service. A trusted home cleaning service will have a culture that is 100% focused on customer satisfaction. Superior service should be at the center of everything they do.

A housecleaning service with a lack of company culture will only focus on the transaction—doing the work and getting paid. On the flip side, a professional service with a healthy culture will strive to go above and beyond each time they come to your home. They are in the business to bring you joy and make your life easier. Avoid the hassles of a cleaning lady who just goes through the motions. Look for a reliable cleaning company that places a high priority on culture.

Finding the Right Home Cleaning Service

Identifying what makes a bad house cleaning company is one of the first steps to finding the ideal services to meet your needs. Before you hire a company, check to make sure there are none of these seven red flags. It may be challenging to find a company that checks all the boxes, but when you do, you can feel confident about moving forward to schedule services.

The right cleaning company will be dedicated to giving you a superior customer experience for your home cleaning services. They will perform extensive background checks and screenings on each employee. That’s important to ensure you have a qualified house cleaner you can feel good about having in your home. You’ll be able to trust the maid service to keep your home tidy, clean, and disinfected all year long.

At Dust to Dazzle, we have provided the most reliable house cleaning services for homeowners in East Texas and West Louisianna for more than 36 years. We train and retain our staff of more than 100 highly qualified, reliable employees. That’s because we are committed to your positive experience above all else. When you take a closer look at our company, you will find that we do not have any of the red flags. Instead, we possess the trustworthy skills, low turnover, quality control, and comprehensive cleaning service to exceed your expectations.

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