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Are You Prepared to Survive Winter Break with the Kids?

Are You Prepared to Survive Winter Break with the Kids? | Dust to Dazzle House Cleaning Maids

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but once the festivities of the holidays taper off, you still have the rest of school winter break to get through. After the presents are unwrapped and the last of your holiday guests have gone home, what’s left for your bored family to do? 

Don’t get caught unprepared. With the kids out of school and the last of this year’s vacation time to use, there are plenty of fun family activities both at home and around the community to prevent pouting and complaints. 

Whatever the ages and interests of your household, you’re sure to find something on this list to keep spirits high and boredom at bay. Now take some quality time as a family and make some memories this winter break! 

For the Younger Kids

Little ones get restless when their usual routine is interrupted. With school out, it can be a challenge to entertain young children with short attention spans. Here are some ideas to do around the house and some fun field trips for when you can’t stand to be stuck inside any longer.

At Home

  • Camp out indoors. Set up tents or make one with blankets in the house. Hand out flashlights and snacks. Keep the fun going all night long by sleeping in your homemade camp.
  • Read an age-appropriate chapter book together.
  • Make a craft together. 
  • Draw, color or paint a picture. 
  • Put on a puppet show. You can make your own puppet out of socks, fabric or paper bags if you don’t have any. Hide behind the couch or a table with a blanket over it for a theater.
  • Turn on music for a dance party.
  • Build an obstacle course.

Field Trips

  • Visit a children’s science center. 
  • Take a parent and child class, such as art or cooking. 
  • Many theaters show discounted children’s movies one morning a month. Search around to see if this is an option in your town. 
  • Have lunch and play on the playground at your favorite fast-food restaurant. 
  • Schedule a play date with friends at the park. 

For the Older Kids

Older kids usually can find something to do on their own (often with an electronic device in hand), but convincing them to spend time with the family is a challenge. You might just catch their interest, however, with these ideas for creative and adventurous things to do over winter break. 

At Home

  • Tackle a challenging recipe together, or let them try one by themselves for the first time.
  • Build something together like a loft bed for your teen’s bedroom or a fire pit for the backyard. 
  • Redecorate your child’s bedroom. Work together to declutter, paint and put their room back together for a new look for a new year.
  • Build a card castle or other challenging project. 
  • Make a bucket list of new things to try in the coming year.

Field Trips

  • Spend a day fishing on Guadalupe River. The river is kept stocked with trout, and free public fishing is open year-round at Guadalupe Park.  
  • Go ice skating at the local rink. 
  • Visit an art museum or gallery. 
  • Enjoy some one-on-one time with your teen playing golf at Pine Dunes Resort & Golf Course.  
  • Splurge on a sophisticated dining experience that puts your teen on their best behavior. 
  • Go go-karting. 
  • Try rock wall climbing.

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For All Ages

There are lots of activities that appeal to family members of all ages. Look for ones that can be done by all skill levels or are new to everyone. And even with everyone included, these activities don’t have to break the bank

At Home 

  • Grab some snacks and pop in that movie you got for Christmas for a family movie night. For a twist, watch old family home videos instead!
  • Do a giant puzzle together.
  • Cook a special breakfast together.
  • Build a fire in the fireplace or fire pit and make s’mores. Scary stories and camp songs would not be amiss.
  • Hold a family game tournament.
  • Have a family Lego night. 
  • Make homemade pizzas together.

Field Trips

  • Release pent up energy at a park. Little kids can play on the playground while older family members shoot some hoops or play Frisbee. Finish with a walk and picnic together. 
  • Visit the library. Younger children can enjoy story time and picking out new books to read at home. Teens can look for the latest addition to their favorite series or explore the computer lab.
  • Make your own adventure on San Jose Island, where you can collect shells, build sandcastles and fish along 21 miles of sandy beachfront. Afterward, take the ferry to nearby Port Aransas for dinner and some shopping. 
  • Take a mini-vacation away from home. Spend a night or two in a local hotel with an indoor pool and order room service for something a little different. 
  • Go bowling.
  • Go on a hike. To make things more interesting, bring a nature scavenger hunt list with you and see who can spot the most things on the list.
  • If they haven’t been taken down yet, look at holiday lights. Visit a decorated park, or just drive around your town. 
  • Buy some tokens, and try your luck at the arcade. 

Make Time to Try Something New

Winter break is the perfect time to try something out of the ordinary and make good memories with your family. With this list of things to do over winter break, you’ll wish you had more time off to fit everything in! 

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