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Carthage families like yours take pride in their homes and their East Texas hospitality. That’s why having a clean house is so important to them. They want a comfortable, relaxing space for friends and family to gather after a day strolling down Main Street or playing on the lake.

But you don’t have time to get your house guest-ready if you’re out enjoying all your town has to offer with your loved ones. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone could do that for you?

House Cleaning Services for Every Host

For over 30 years, Dust to Dazzle Maids have been helping East Texas homeowners be the perfect hosts with our professional home cleaning services. You can’t enjoy life with friends and family when you’re always dusting and scrubbing.

Whether you’re the neighbor everyone stops in to see each evening or the host to every family gathering, we have a cleaning service to get your Carthage home spick and span every time.

Always be guest-ready with our regular general cleaning service. Booked on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis according to your schedule and budget, our professional cleaning crew will come to your house to dust, polish, scrub, wash, sanitize, vacuum, and mop every visible surface of your main living spaces, bathrooms, and kitchen. Need a little something extra? We also offer carpet cleaning, window cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and sealing, waxing, and more upon request.

For really special events, Carthage hosts love a detailed cleaning by Dust to Dazzle. Our one-time detailed cleanings include all of our general house cleaning services plus more! We go over all the little edges, nooks, and crannies of your home to give it a truly deep clean. Your house will never feel fresher for your family and guests than when it’s had the Dust to Dazzle detailed cleaning treatment.

The Dust to Dazzle Experience

At Dust to Dazzle Maids, we believe that cleaning your home is about more than chores. It’s also about doing a quality job with the least inconvenience to our clients. That’s why we follow proven employment practices to hire and retain the best professional cleaners in East Texas. We know that only the best people can be trusted to meet our client’s high expectations at a competitive price. That’s what we call the Dust to Dazzle difference.

All of our employees are bonded, insured, and expertly trained. They arrive at the appointed time, bringing their own cleaning supplies with them. And if you’re ever not happy with a cleaning, we’ll come back within 24 hours to fix it! Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

In fact, we care so much about our clients that since 2010 we’ve been giving back to their communities with our participation in the Cleaning For A Reason program. Dust to Dazzle is honored to donate free cleaning hours to the brave hostesses of Carthage and other towns who are undergoing cancer treatment. It’s just one more way we strive to make a difference for our clients in East Texas.

Be the Perfect Host with Professional House Cleaning

Residents of Carthage, Texas like to say they have it all—pleasant weather, plenty of jobs, excellent schools and churches, friendly neighbors, and the best of country living. They take pride in the hospitality of their small rural town and claim to be the friendliest spot in the world.

Like all good hosts, Carthage offers guests and inhabitants plenty to do. First on the list is the town’s pride and joy, the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. Home to the Tex Ritter Museum, John Ritter Tribute Showcase, and annual Classic Country Music Festival, the TCMHOF celebrates the contributions of Texans to country music and is a must-see for country music fans of all ages.

The outdoorsmen of Carthage often find themselves at Lake Murvaul on the weekends. This “best-kept secret in East Texas” is a 3,800-acre lake 15 miles west of Carthage and boasts aquatic activities for the whole family from swimming to boating to fishing. There’s even RV sites, cabins, and camping grounds along its shores for those looking to really make the most of their time at the lake.

Carthage families may feel they have the best to offer in hospitality, but don’t let house cleaning keep you from your guests! Instead, hire the professional house cleaning services of Dust to Dazzle Maids. Your friends and family will love relaxing in your clean Carthage home, and you’ll love how we make home entertaining so easy. If you’re ready to be the perfect host, request a quote today and learn more about the Dust to Dazzle difference.